2 May 2022

I invite you to the next presentation of my author's photo exhibition entitled "Obary". The vernissage will take place on May 13 at 5:30 pm in the gallery located in the Oficyna at the Park-Manor and Farm Complex in Wis›niowa. As part of the exhibition prepared on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the protection of natural fragments of transitional and raised bogs of the subcontinental type located in the western part of the Solska Primeval Forest, 20 photographs will be presented in the format 82x55 cm, framed 100x70 cm. The works show the characteristic landscape elements of the "Obary" nature reserve, photographed in the existing conditions over the course of four seasons, and were made in the years 2012-2019 during the period of validity of the relevant permit allowing me to move around the protected area and photograph nature. During the vernissage there will be a show of digital presentations. The exhibition was created thanks to the support of the Association of Polish Nature Photographers, the Bil‚goraj Forest District and the Bil‚goraj Commune. The exhibition will last until June 17 this year.

22 April 2022

In the competition for the Photographer of the Year 2022 in the Roztocze-Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union, the jury appreciated 11 of my works by awarding the following awards and distinctions.

14 April 2022

The season for Roztocze and its vicinity is a tourist map in the scale of 1:100,000, published by Paweł‚ Wład Tourist Publishing House, commissioned by the Association of Housing Producers of the City and Commune of Zwierzyniec. It shows the area of ​​Western Roztocze, Central Roztocze and the Biłgoraj Plain (Solska Forest with Janowskie Forests) from Szastarka in the north-west to Lubycza Królewska in the south-east and from Rudnik on the San and Krzeszów in the south-west to Grabowiec in the north-east. The map includes such important tourist towns as: Zamosc‡, Bil‚goraj, Frampol, Janów Lubelski, Józefów, Krasnobród, Susiec, Szczebrzeszyn and Zwierzyniec and the area of €‹the Roztocze National Park. The map shows objects of tourist and recreational value as well as the current routes of tourist routes: walking, cycling, horse riding and canoeing against the background of the road and rail network, land and water cover and nature protection areas. The review includes detailed descriptions of the most important attractions of the region along with photographs that illustrate them. Two of my photographs illustrate descriptions of natural objects from the area of the Bilgoraj Commune.

The map is available at the Association of Accommodation Owners of the City and Commune of Zwierzyniec, 22-470 Zwierzyniec, ul. Slowackiego 2, e-mail: agrozwierzyniec@wp.pl, tel. 600 338 318 and at tourism fairs and tourist events in the region

12 April 2022

April 29 this year. at. 6 pm. at the Municipal and Communal Cultural Center in Krzyz Wielkopolski, the jubilee exhibition of the members of the Polish Nature Photographers Union - 25 years of PNPU will be opened. The presentation of the exhibition will last until the end of May and can be viewed during the working hours of the cultural center. Among the presented works, you can also see a photo of my authorship.

21 February 2022

I invite you to the presentation and opening of the exhibition entitled "Enchanted by nature" to the Biłgoraj Cultural Center. The exhibition is presented from February 21 to March 31 this year, while the opening will take place on March 4 at 5:00 p.m. The exhibition was prepared in 2019 on the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Roztocze and Subcarpathian District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union and the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the Roztocze National Park. It consists of 30 selected photographic works in the format 75x50 cm, made by 20 members of the Roztocze and Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union. According to the diversity of the photographic interests of the authors of the works, the exhibition presents various topics of nature photography, such as macrophotography, flora, fauna, climatic landscapes, or attempts at artistic interpretation of nature. Among the authors of the works there was also my person and two works signed with my name.

14 January 2022

From January 11 this year. in Pavilion IX of the Poznan„ Palm House, you can admire the works awarded and distinguished in the National Competition of Nature Photography PHOTO ECO 2021, organized by the Polish Society for Nature Conservation "Salamandra". The competition is organized for the twenty-ninth time, and its main goal is to create an exhibition and launch delight in young audiences, whose sensitivity is just emerging. PHOTO ECO promotes the documentation of situations and phenomena in the life of nature that have not been interfered with by humans. Among the photos presented at the exhibition there is a work by my authorship, entitled Footwear, which was awarded in the competition. February 11 this year.

4 January 2022

Two of my photographs illustrate the pages of the Calendar Landscapes of Lublin Region 2022, published by the Tabal company. The calendar was printed in the 100x70.7 cm format and consists of 13 charts illustrated with works presenting landscapes that we can see within the Lublin region. My works are on the pages of February and September and show the landscapes of the Western Roztocze.

21 December 2021

Two of my photos, which were awarded at the 5th edition National Photo Contest "Pearls of Polish Nature", were included in the calendar published for 2022 by Waste Disposal Companies Eko-Wisl‚a. The calendar includes 13 works awarded by the jury of this year's edition of the competition.

1 December 2021

I invite you to the next photo exhibition, which you will be able to see during the first day of the 14th International Festival of Visual Arts Inspired by Nature "Sztuka Natury" Torun 2021. Alone with Nature, is an exhibition presenting works distinguished and awarded in a photo competition organized by the Zoobotanical Garden in Torun„. The opening of the exhibition will take place on December 3 at 6.00 p.m. at the Artus Court Cultural Center in Torun„. One of my works is among the works presented at the exhibition.

27 November 2021

I invite you to the presentation of the main photo exhibition of the 18th International Festival of Nature Films Wlodzimierz Puchalski, which will be held at the Explorers' Museum Tony Halik in Torun as part of the 14th International Festival of Visual Arts Inspired by Nature "Art of Nature". The exhibition "Biodiversity as an opportunity for the Earth" consists of 30 photographs enlarged to the format 50x70 cm by 10 nature photographers invited to participate in it. Among the names of the awarded authors there are also mine and three works signed with it.