21 December 2021

Two of my photos, which were awarded at the 5th edition National Photo Contest "Pearls of Polish Nature", were included in the calendar published for 2022 by Waste Disposal Companies Eko-Wisła. The calendar includes 13 works awarded by the jury of this year's edition of the competition.

1 December 2021

I invite you to the next photo exhibition, which you will be able to see during the first day of the 14th International Festival of Visual Arts Inspired by Nature "Sztuka Natury" Toruń 2021. Alone with Nature, is an exhibition presenting works distinguished and awarded in a photo competition organized by the Zoobotanical Garden in Toruń. The opening of the exhibition will take place on December 3 at 6.00 p.m. at the Artus Court Cultural Center in Toruń. One of my works is among the works presented at the exhibition.

27 November 2021

I invite you to the presentation of the main photo exhibition of the 18th International Festival of Nature Films Włodzimierz Puchalski, which will be held at the Explorers' Museum Tony Halik in Toruń as part of the 14th International Festival of Visual Arts Inspired by Nature "Art of Nature". The exhibition "Biodiversity as an opportunity for the Earth" consists of 30 photographs enlarged to the format 50x70 cm by 10 nature photographers invited to participate in it. Among the names of the awarded authors there are also mine and three works signed with it.

22 November 2021

At the request of the Biłgoraj Commune, a practical three-fold wall calendar for the upcoming 2022 was prepared. The so-called the calendar heads are decorated with two photographs by me, presented below. Half of the print run is illustrated by a photograph taken in the Obary nature reserve, while the other by an atmospheric work presenting the early autumn Solska Primeval Forest. The publishing house is an element of the promotional campaign of the Biłgoraj Commune.

18 November 2021

This Saturday, November 20, there will be an opening of the jubilee exhibition of members of the Polish Nature Photographers Union - 25 years of PNPU. The vernissage and presentation will take place during the ongoing 17th International Festival of Nature Photography Visions of Nature 2021 at the Education Center of the Kampinos National Park in Izabelin. Among the presented works, you can also see a photo of my authorship.

15 November 2021

Nearly 800 photographs were submitted to the 29th edition of the National Nature Photography Competition PHOTO-ECO 2021. With a view to promoting the documentation of situations and phenomena in the life of nature, in which man did not interfere, the jury appreciated 14 photographs, including the work submitted by me, awarding it with a distinction.

29 October 2021

In the 5th edition National Photo Contest "Pearls of Polish Nature", organized by the Wdecki Landscape Park, the jury appreciated 3 works of my authorship. In the competition, 1,440 photos were submitted in 6 categories by 149 photographers.

13 October 2021

Today my original calendar for 2022, entitled Solska Primeval Forest, In the land of pine trees and wetlands. It consists of 12 cards illustrating 12 photographs taken according to the theme in the area of the Solska Forest complex. The calendar has been prepared in A3 format (29.7 x 42 cm) and printed on elegant matte paper, the calendar includes all the necessary information about holidays, name days. The calendar has been issued in a limited edition.

10 October 2021

During the photo meeting of the members of the Polish Nature Photographers Union which will be held on 14-17 October this year. in the Table Mountains National Park there will be a presentation of my digital shows (Obary, Solska Primeval Forest. In the land of pine and wetlands, Bieszczady). The event will take place on October 15 at. 20:00 at the Training and Educational Center of the Table Mountains National Park in Karłów.

30 July 2021

I invite you to the latest exhibition of my author's photo exhibition entitled "Obary", which is currently taking place in the Educational and Museum Center of the Roztocze National Park in Zwierzyniec. The presentation of the exhibition fits perfectly into the theme of the Open Days of the Roztocze National Park, which will take place on August 7 and 8 this year. The exhibition was prepared on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the protection of natural fragments of transitional and raised bogs of the subcontinental type located in the western part of the Solska Primeval Forest. The exhibition will feature 20 photographs in the format of 82x55 cm, framed by 100x70 cm, showing the characteristic landscape elements of the "Obary" nature reserve, photographed in the existing conditions over the course of four seasons. The photos were taken in the years 2012-2019 during the period of validity of the relevant permit allowing me to move around the protected area and photograph nature. The exhibition was created thanks to the support of the Association of Polish Nature Photographers, the Biłgoraj Forest District and the Biłgoraj Commune.