28 December 2017

At the end of the year, I received my own copy of a photo album devoted to the nature of Janow Lubelski Forests, specifically their part administered by the Janow Lubelski Forest District. On the pages of the album "Janow Lubelski Forest District Natural Values" three photos of my authorship were published.

20 December 2017

My photograph was used to illustrate one of the 13 pages of the wall calendar for 2018 prepared by the Lipiec Publishing House in cooperation with the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Lublin. My work done in the Solska Forest in the area administered by the Bilgoraj Forest District was on the card from the month of March.

4 December 2017

A photograph of me by "Dawn in the reserve" has been noticed again! This time, in the "Art of Nature" photo competition organized by the Zoobotanical Garden in Torun, as part of the 10th International Festival of Nature and Photography "Art of Nature 2017", my work was awarded. In addition, it was presented among the awarded works during the festival at the post-competition exhibition exhibited at the Artus Court Culture Center in Torun.

20 November 2017

During the XIII International Festival of Nature Photography Vision of Nature 2017, which took place on November 18-19, the results of the nationwide edition of the 2017 Photographer of the Year Competition of the Polish Nature Photographers Union were announced. I am pleased to inform you that my work entitled "Dawn in the Reserve" took first place in the Landscape category.

3 November 2017

Today I had the pleasure to visit the new seat of the District Court and the District Court in Zamosc as well as the permanent exhibition of photographs decorating its rooms. The exhibition consists of 152 photograms in a 60x80 cm format by 21 photographers, creating the largest photographic exhibition in the history of Zamosc. Among the authors of the presented photographs was also my name and 10 works signed with it, which are displayed in the waiting rooms of the District Court and the District Court on the ground floor and in the waiting rooms of the District Court on the first and second floor.

23 October 2017

As part of the 10th International Festival of Nature and Photography 2017 Nature Film 2017 the post-competition exhibition "Nature Around Us" will be presented for the fourth time and along with it a photography of mine authored by "On the peat bog". The opening of the exhibition will take place at the Municipal and Communal Culture Center in Kowalewo Pomorskie on November 3 at 17, and its presentation will last until December 30 this year. So far, the exhibition has been presented at the Festival in Toruń (2014), Bydgoszcz (2015) and Inowrocław (2016).

15 October 2017

Recently, another edition of the forest guide for forest districts of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Lublin has been published. The publishing house uses one of my photographs, which illustrates the part devoted to the Sobibor Forest District.

10 September 2017

For several days at the Educational Center of the Magura National Park in Krempna, you can see a collective photo exhibition of members of the Roztocze and Subcarpathia District Polish Nature Photographers Union "In the forest wilderness". Among the 60 works presented, there were also 6 photographs of my authorship. The exhibition is waiting for visitors until November 10 during the Centre's working hours, admission to the exhibition hall is free.

1 June 2017

A few days ago, the printing house left another photo album made by the Lipiec Publishing House, in which I participate. Among 144 pages of the album were photographs of 11 photographers, members of the Roztocze and Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union. The album presents the beauty and richness of the forests of the Lublin region shown in climatic, original photographs. 6 publications of my authorship were published in the publishing house, which were made in the Solska Primeval Forest. The album is available in selected Lublin bookstores and directly at the Lipiec Publishing House.

29 March 2017

The work, which I titled "Flash on the peat bog", was honored and received a special award from the Public Provincial Library and Culture Animation Center in Poznań in the national photography contest Nature Worth Knowing organized as part of the Poznan Photography Days 2017. This photography is my next work done in the Obary Nature Reserve, which was appreciated in the photo competition.