By education I am a naturalist and his love of nature passionate about photography. I come from Lublin Region and I currently live in the southern part of this region, spending every free moment admiring the charms of the Bilgoraj Plain, Janów Forests, Solska Primeval Forest and Roztocze. I am professionally associated with the Roztocze National Park.
In search of good light and interesting topics, I do not avoid shots from photographic expeditions in other parts of south-eastern Poland. The main theme on my works is the landscape and the elements forming it.

My photographs are published in nature magazines, photo albums, calendars, folders, etc. I have got six author's exhibitions and co-authored many collective exhibitions devoted to Polish nature, presented both in Poland and abroad. I participate as a guest and speaker at events and international festivals devoted to photography and nature film. I am a laureate of many photographic competitions and myself as a juror I participated in the evaluation of works in competitions organized by local government institutions, creative associations and national parks.

Since 2005, I belong to the Polish Nature Photographers Union (ZPFP) and affiliated am in the Roztocze and Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union. In 2011 and 2021, I was awarded the title of Photographer of the Year in the Roztocze and Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union.

I invite You to read and content of my website and visit the photo gallery, which includes photographs published for over 14 years. The photographs presented in the galleries were taken in accordance with the law in force in Poland. Since 2013 photograph using only full-frame digital SLR.