19 January 2014

Two of my photographs were appreciated by the Jury of the Photographer of the Year 2014 competition in the Roztocze and Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union. Work titled "Mantis" won the second prize in the Insects and Arachnids category, while the work entitled "Double vision" - III prize in the Experyment category.

15 December 2013

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the State Forests, a special jubilee album has been prepared, whose originator and publisher is the State Forest Information Center. The album's 208 pages contain nearly 230 photographs of 53 authors. This group also included my name and eight photographs on the pages of the album signed with it.

25 June 2013

In the 18th edition of the photo contest of the Polish Hunter Włodzimierz Puchalski's photograph of me authored "Capercaillie" received a special award from the Foundation for the Capercaillie Protection. My work and other awards have also been published in the latest issue (7/2013) of the monthly magazine Polish Hunter (Łowiec Polski). The official gala combined with the awarding ceremony and the opening of the post-competition exhibition will take place on August 31 during the 3rd International Hunting Congress.

26 March 2013

From April 2 to April 30 in Biłgoraj Cultural Center in Biłgoraj will take place the third presentation of my own exhibition entitled "Floristic fascinations". During its duration 29 works will be presented presenting the beauty and diversity of selected native species of rare and protected plants as well as common plants. This exhibition is a collection of photographs showing plants from the perspective of close-ups and wider shots, captured in a moody light. Until now, "Floristic fascinations" have been presented in the educational centers of Roztocze and Bieszczady National Park.

24 January 2013

On January 22, the results of the next edition of the "Lesne fotografie" photo competition organized by the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Krosno were announced. Among the awarded works were two photographs of my authorship, which were awarded the honorable mention and special honorable mention .