13 November 2019

I am pleased to inform you that my award-winning photograph entitled "Dawn in the reserve" was again noticed by the jury of the photo competition and this time also by the audience in online voting. Photography received the 3rd prize in the Landscape category and the Audience Award for the best photography in the 3rd National Photo Competition "Pearls of Polish Nature" organized by the Wdecki Landscape Park.

29 October 2019

My photograph was among the 20 best photographs from over 500 works submitted to the twenty-seventh edition of the "Foto Eco" National Nature Photography Competition and was qualified for the post-competition exhibition. The first exhibition of the exhibition will take place from December 3-29, 2019 at the Poznan„ Palm House in Poznan, then the exhibition will embark on a one-year journey around schools in Greater Poland.

22 October 2019

I invite you to the opening of the exhibition "Captivated by Nature" by members of the Roztocze-Podkarpackie District of the Polish Nature Photographers Association on October 26, 2019 at 16:00 at the Education and Museum Center of the Roztocze National Park in Zwierzyniec. The exhibition was organized on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Roztoczanski-Podkarpackie District of ZPFP and the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Roztocze National Park. The exhibition consists of 35 photographs by 25 photographers, including two of my works.

15 October 2019

The Visions of Nature is the title of a unique photo album prepared by the Association of Polish Nature Photographers. On over 200 pages of the publishing house, nearly 200 photos were presented printed on high quality chalk paper by 140 members associated in the ZPFP. The album includes the best photographs of animals, plants and landscapes, macro photography and aerial shots, which were divided and collected in six thematic chapters. The album's pages feature two photographs signed with my name.

9 October 2019

In the photo competition "Poland is beautiful" organized by the Photographic Association "Against Nothingness" named after Mieczyslaw Wielomski, a photograph of me by "Dawn in the reserve" made in the Obary nature reserve was among the 69 best works out of 1010 sent to the competition receiving a distinction. The photo will be presented in an exclusive photo album and at a post-competition exhibition, which will open on October 26 this year. at the "Weranda" Pictorial Gallery in Goczalkowice Zdrój during the 4th Polish National Festival of Native Photography.

3 September 2019

Six photographs of my authorship were published in the latest September issue of the Przyroda Polska Magazine. Three photographs of common mantis illustrate the article "Mantis in the Bialowieza Forest", the next three photographs of Tatra chamois illustrate the text "Where and how to observe chamois".

5 August 2019

A photograph of me by a mute swan was placed on the cover of the latest issue of the Przyroda Polska monthly magazine issued by the League of Nature Protection. In addition, my own author text was published inside the issue. "Solska Primeval Forest - in the land of pine and wetlands" illustrated with 10 original photographs.

30 June 2019

Today the results of the 1st National Photo Competition "My Roztocze Tree" were announced, which was organized by the Commune Culture Center in Krynice and the Tomaszow Forest District. My work done in Western Roztocze titled "Lonely Tree" won the second prize in the above competition and was presented at the outdoor post-competition exhibition.

1 May 2019

I invite you to an outdoor photo exhibition prepared on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of Roztocze National Park together with the Roztocze and Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union, which is also celebrating the 15th anniversary of this year. The exhibition will be exhibited from May 8 to the end of October this year on elements of the brewery fence in Zwierzyniec. It consists of 36 photographs enlarged to 150x100 cm format, made in a technique that allows presentation in external conditions. Among the names of 12 authors, mainly members of the  and Roztocze and Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union employees of RPN, whose photographs make up this jubilee exhibition, there was also my name and one work signed with it.

30 March 2019

Yesterday, during the open-air photography session of the members of the Roztocze and Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union, the results of the competition for the Photographer of the Year 2019 of the Roztocze and Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union were announced. I am pleased to inform you that the jury of the competition appreciated two photographs of my authorship taken in the Bieszczady National Park, granting them the following prizes