Rythms of Nature in Roztocze National Park
26 March 2023

I invite you to the Roztocza National Park Educational and Museum Centre in Zwierzynec for the next presentation of the collective exhibition of the members of the Roztocze-Subcarpathia District of the Polish Nature Photographers Union entitled "Rhythms of Nature". The exhibition will feature 28 photographs prepared for the exhibition in the format of 100x70 cm, by 19 nature photographers. The presented works represent the whole spectrum of themes that can be observed in nature, determined by the constant rhythm of changing nature. The exhibition will feature two photographs signed with my name, which I present below. On behalf of myself and the other authors, I would like to invite you to the closing of the exhibition on 21 April this year. 17:00. The exhibition will last until 7 May this year.