The season for Roztocze and its vicinity - tourist map
14 April 2022

The season for Roztocze and its vicinity is a tourist map in the scale of 1:100,000, published by Paweł Wład Tourist Publishing House, commissioned by the Association of Housing Producers of the City and Commune of Zwierzyniec. It shows the area of ​​Western Roztocze, Central Roztocze and the Biłgoraj Plain (Solska Forest with Janowskie Forests) from Szastarka in the north-west to Lubycza Królewska in the south-east and from Rudnik on the San and Krzeszów in the south-west to Grabowiec in the north-east. The map includes such important tourist towns as: Zamość, Biłgoraj, Frampol, Janów Lubelski, Józefów, Krasnobród, Susiec, Szczebrzeszyn and Zwierzyniec and the area of ​​the Roztocze National Park. The map shows objects of tourist and recreational value as well as the current routes of tourist routes: walking, cycling, horse riding and canoeing against the background of the road and rail network, land and water cover and nature protection areas. The review includes detailed descriptions of the most important attractions of the region along with photographs that illustrate them. Two of my photographs illustrate descriptions of natural objects from the area of ​​the Biłgoraj Commune.

The map is available at the Association of Accommodation Owners of the City and Commune of Zwierzyniec, 22-470 Zwierzyniec, ul. Słowackiego 2, e-mail:, tel. 600 338 318 and at tourism fairs and tourist events in the region