5th Leżajsk Travel Festival
1 May 2021

On behalf of myself and the organizer, I cordially invite you to the 5th Leżajsk Travel Festival, which will be held on May 15-16 this year. at the Municipal Cultural Center in Leżajsk. On the first day of the festival, another exhibition of my original photo exhibition will begin. Obary, prepared on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the protection of natural fragments of transitional and raised bogs of the subcontinental type located in the western part of the Solska Primeval Forest. The exhibition will present 20 photographs in the format of 82x55 cm, framed by 100x70 cm, showing the characteristic elements of the landscape of the reserve, photographed in the existing conditions over the course of four seasons. The photos were taken in the years 2012-2019 during the validity of the relevant permit allowing me to move around the protected area and photograph nature. The exhibition was created thanks to the support of the Polish Nature Photographers Union, the Biłgoraj Forest District and the Biłgoraj Commune. The presentation will last until May 30 and will end with a meeting during which my digital presentations will be presented. "Solska Primeval Forest. In the land of pine and wetlands", "Obary" and "Bieszczady".